A brilliant English student received the country's highest medical award for discovering a method of treating diseased joints.

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September , something incredible happened at the European Congress of Rheumatology. The whole audience gave a loud round of applause for 10 minutes to the one who stood on the podium. His name is Roy Dahdah, he is English student. It was he who suggested using a unique formula that can restore damaged joints.

Roy came up with a brilliant idea, and scientific society began its implementation. Specialists of the Institute of Rheumatology, Medical University, and many other specialists were involved in the development of the product. It has already been created and shows excellent results.

In today's publication: how new product can solve serious joint problems and why people can purchase it for 49 S$.

Correspondent: "Roy, you are one of the ten smartest medical students in the world. Why did you decide to study joint-related diseases?"

I really don't want to talk about it publicly but the motivation is purely personal. My mom and grandmother had serious joint problems. They were treated with various expensive products, but the situation only worsened. It was then that I began to study problems related to joint diseases. I was shocked when I realized that most of the pills and ointments sold in the drugstores are useless chemicals that cause further damage to the joints and destroy the liver. And my mother used to take them every day.

For the past three years, I have completely devoted myself to this issue. The new joint restoration method that everyone is talking about now has appeared in the process of writing a thesis. I realized that I had come up with something new. But I could not imagine that this would arouse such interest from various organizations.

What kind of organizations are you talking about?

As soon as publications about my method appeared, I immediately began to receive various offers to sell the idea. The French were the first - they offered me 120,000 euros. The last was an American pharmaceutical holding which was ready to pay $ 35,000000 for it. Now I have changed my phone number, and I no longer use any social networks; and still, I receive offers to sell my idea several times a day.

But as far as I know, you didn't sell the formula?

Of course not. It may seem a bit unfair, but we didn't create it to be used by people abroad. But what's going to happen if I sell the formula to some foreign company? They will obtain a patent, prohibit others to use this formula and raise the prices. I may be young, but I'm not an idiot. In such a situation, it is simply impossible to help sick people. One foreign doctor told me the price of such a product should be at least $ 3,000. And it is not the limit! Who would be able to afford the product at such a price?

It is for this reason, I immediately agreed when I received a proposal from the government to participate in the development of the national product. We collaborated with the best specialists of the Institute of the Heart, Medical University, and the Research Institute of Rheumatology. It was amazing. The product has already passed clinical trials and is available to people now."

Numerous experts were involved in the development of the product including rheumatologists, Doctors of Medicine, professors, the director of the Institute of Rheumatology. We asked him to tell us about the new product and the plans related to it.

Correspondent: "What is the essence of Roy's idea? Can it really help to completely restore diseased joints?"

Roy's idea is a completely new approach to joint restoration and periarticular tissue. What was the effect of outdated products? They froze pain and only relieved it for a while, without affecting the body at the cellular level. Thus, they did not eliminate the cause of the pain itself and brought the joints to their original destroyed state, and sometimes even worsened the condition with each use of such products.

Roy's new method starts the process of cartilage and bone tissue restoration, stopping the process of decay, and closing the source of infection. Due to this, we can restore blood access to the joint bone tissue, and, thus, its regeneration begins. Also, it compensates for the lack of synovial fluid, which restores the working capacity of the joint and increases its flexibility. The efforts of such a large number of doctors and medical specialists were necessary to create the proposed formula of an effective product that restores joints at any stage and any age.

Correspondent: "Are joint diseases really that dangerous?"

We have a checked statistics for . More than 35,000 people have become disabled. About 10,000 of them are paralyzed. Diseased joints are the cause of pain and disability, but what is more dangerous - they are a constant source of infection for the body, which causes blood poisoning and sepsis. Joints are rotting, and the infection spreads throughout the body, exerting a tremendous impact on all organs. Overall, every person suffering from diseased joints is rotting from the inside. At any moment, the heart may stop, liver cancer, kidney failure, or stroke may occur. Not to mention disability or joint tumors. No patient is safe.

Correspondent: "So what about treatment? There are many medications available for joint restoration."

In fact, the real problem is there are too many of them. But all of them are based on the principle described at the beginning of our conversation. Only for a short time does a person feel better. Though in fact, those medications affect joints negatively and do not treat them. It is impossible to restore joints with the help of those medications. 49S$ Roy is absolutely right about this. If you study formulas carefully, any specialist can confirm that one should use such medication only in extreme cases.

Correspondent: "Will your product be distributed in pharmacies? And by the way, how much will it cost?"

You know, as soon as it became clear that we came up with something useful, the pharmacists сlosed us in from all angles. They tried to make Roy sell them his formula. But not for starting the mass production in their own countries. On the contrary, they want to prevent the production. Joint restoration is the world's most profitable niche in the pharmaceutical market. Billions of dollars worth of products are sold in the United States alone. Our product can dramatically change the situation on the market. No one is going to spend money each month on an outdated product if it's possible to use just Pantoflex and forget about joint problems.

Pharmacy chains are partners of pharmaceutical companies. They always work as a team. Their income depends on sales of certain drugs. That's why they don't even want to hear about us and our product. Despite the fact that our product was highly praised by prolific experts and passed numerous trials.

Correspondent: "If you not going to distribute the product in pharmacies, how can people buy it?"

We made a decision: if ordinary drug stores do not want to deal with us, we can manage without them. Thus, we arranged a direct distribution of Pantoflex. We can do it without an intermediate link in the form of a commercial pharmacy. We discussed several options and had our choice on the most effective one. Those who want to try Pantoflex, should make a request on our website. Our managers will contact them, answer all questions and place an order. Online pharmacy has been created on . Almost everyone now has access to the Internet. Even if a person doesn't have a PC, they still have a phone with Internet access. And everyone can submit a request.

Anyone leaving request before inclusively, has an opportunity for purchase Pantoflex for 49 S$. This is an act of our cooperation with the Association of Cardiologists and Rheumatologists in order to draw people's attention to the product and show its effectiveness. We believe word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. Everyone who will feel Pantoflex effect will recommend it to their friends and beloved ones.

Correspondent: "How much will it cost for everyone else?"

The production cost is about 98 S$ per package. Now we have managed to reach an agreement with the management of the Association of Cardiologists and Rheumatologists to compensate 50% of the cost to the final recipient. Fortunately, the higher-ups understand the importance of the availability of such a product for all people. We do not have a goal to sell this formula or distribute the product abroad.

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